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5 Tips You Should Know in Taking Care of Your Candles

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Wow, who would've thought that making candles from home would prove to be so difficult? In starting this new adventure, I never would've guessed that candle making would require such delicacy and patience. Ha! Boy was I wrong. Needless to say, patience is definitely not one of my strong characteristics. (You could ask my gracious husband, and he could confirm that to you). Candle making is not just a hobby; it's an art of its own kind. As I start this new challenge, I have (and continue to) learn and teach myself different things about the process of candle making, the candles themselves, and what care is required for the best results. Here are 5 of those tips that I hope you can learn as well in order to get the most from your candles at home...

1) Always trim the candle wick to the appropriate length PRIOR to lighting it the first time.

"The recommended length to trim a candle wick will be dependent on the type of wick and the size of the candle itself."

Let me tell you, if there was anyone that should've known how to properly burn a candle, I was that person. I am obsessed with candles, and my husband would probably tell you that I'm a candle hoarder. That said, I never knew the importance of trimming the wick before striking the match until I started candle making.

The recommended length to trim a candle wick will be dependent on the type of wick and the size of the candle itself. A good idea for an overall, general range of length to trim down your candle wick would be from 0.2 - 0.35 of an inch. If the wick is not trimmed to the appropriate size, the candle will not burn properly (if at all), and you may not be able to enjoy the candle's fragrance to its fullest potential.

2) Don't burn your candle for more than a couple of hours at a time.

I think it's pretty obvious what the most important reasoning is as to why candles really shouldn't be burned for long periods of time. However, I will say it again on here even though all the candles have that special warning label on the bottom. Burning candles for long periods of time can first and foremost be a fire hazard, let alone cause it to "burn out" or become dim.

3) Burn your candle in complete view & out of the way.

Please, be careful in burning your candles at home, and don't let them sit where little ones or four-legged family members can knock it over and/or burn themselves or others. Make sure that your burning candle is in your view as well as forgotten, lit candles are an accident waiting to happen. Seems pretty self-explanatory, so I won't elaborate much more on that subject.

4) Leave the last bit of your candle unburned.

Just like when you cook your favorite dish, the bottom of the candle jar (or dish) can become hot when the bottom of the candle is burned, and none is leftover. Make sure that the surface that you place your candles is a non-burning area and less likely to absorb the heat from the candle when lit.

5) And finally, relax and breathe in the scent of the candle.

I don't know about you, but I love relaxing with a glass of my favorite wine and a burning candle, enjoying the aroma after a long, day's work. Take time to take care of yourself and enjoy your favorite hobby, book, or quiet time. Many candles are made with natural, essential oils and provide the necessary aromatherapy that we all like to enjoy when we relax or take a luxurious bath.

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