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Hello, it's so nice to meet you...

Brian & Lauren Hay, the owners of the Lighthouse Candle Co., have been locals to the Sisters, Oregon area since 2018. They met through a mutual friend in late 2019 and got engaged the following summer. They recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary in October 2021 and have been very busy ever since. They started this company in early 2022 because they wanted to spread a little LIGHT to the community.


During the COVID19 pandemic, it had seemed like the world had frozen in time. As family and friends were separated, the Hays began to see the lack of socializing take its toll on their community. Schools opened and closed, businesses shutdown, and all of humanity's decency all but stripped away.


"Enough is enough", Lauren thought. "It's time that people be encouraged. It's time that there be laughter, joy, and kindness again."

So, Who is This Lauren Anyway?

Lauren grew up as an Oregon native. She was adopted from South Korea into a wonderful family in the Willamette Valley as a baby. As a child, she frequently would be seen horseback riding, playing in the fields with her two older brothers or helping with chores on the farm.

Lauren was always seen as a wanderer. She often dreamt of traveling to different places, trying new things, and meeting different people. She moved to Simi Valley, a city just outside of Los Angeles, California in 2015 for college and met some of the most influential and genuine people that she still is in contact with today. In 2018, Lauren moved to Sisters, Oregon where she later met her husband, Brian.


Lauren is the primary candle maker and owner of the Lighthouse Candle Co. She currently serves as a manager at her day job, however, has recently started a new hobby of candle making. Since she already had a thorough collection of all things regarding candles, fragrances, and home-decor, it only seemed right that she starts her own line of candles.

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